Importing Transactions Fails To Match

I’ve been using Goodbudget for nine months now. However, it fails to learn or be helpful. When I import this month’s QFX file for my credit card, I get zero exact or good matches. I eat at the same places, and those charges always have to be manually matched, even though Goodbudget now has 40+ examples of where it will go. I see no way to manually setup assignment rules, and the software clearly isn’t learning that all charges starting with “Restaurant name” will go in the “Restaurant” envelope, so I have to spend time manually matching a bunch of envelopes that a computer can do in milliseconds. What am I missing here?


Personally, I haven’t found this to be the case—almost 100% of my imports are associated with my daily transactions. Have you possibly tried importing in another format like .csv to see if that creates a better match? Maybe your bank has added/hidden fields that are interfering with the Goodbudget matching algorithm. It’s just a guess but might be worth a try, unless the Admins have a different suggestion.
I wonder whether I’m understanding your issue though; are you expecting the import to bring in new transactions and match them to envelopes? Because an import simply matches bank transactions to items you’ve input into Goodbudget already; if you’re not entering expenses in real time there’s nothing to which it CAN match your imports. Since it’s an envelope-budgeting-style program, the expectation is that money is removed from envelopes in real time, as it’s spent. Is that what you’re doing?

Thanks for your reply. I am not manually entering transactions. I am importing transactions in a batch, once a month using QFX.

Goodbudget clearly knows that a “McDonald’s” transaction is most likely going to the “Dining Out” envelope because if I drag the transaction to the “Other Envelopes” envelope, it auto populates “Dining Out”. Why doesn’t Goodbudget auto match these for me, and allow me to cancel them if the match ended up being wrong? It is much easier to review 180 transactions and do 20 drags for novel transactions than to do 200 drag and drops. (From a software perspective, doing this is trivial which is why I assume it just isn’t working right now on my account or I’ve missed a setting or something)

What you’re asking for just isn’t a feature they provide. It does remember the last envelope a particular expense was associated with but that’s as far as it goes. They only attempt matches to manually entered transactions as Tiffany described. This would be a new feature for them to implement, but I agree it would be really helpful.