How to handle ATM fee rebates?

Hi all…

I just started using Goodbudget today and really like what I see, although the IOS app is somewhat squirrely right now for some reason (hanging, etc), but I’m using the web app without issue.

My question revolves around how to handle ATM rebates – in this case the ATM fees that are collected by a local bank (e.g. $3.00 in most cases) gets refunded by my bank (USAA) shortly after I use the ATM.

I’m just not sure what the best means to record these weekly ATM fee rebates/refunds…

Any ideas? Thx!!

Nevermind… I just created an “ATM Fees” envelope and $3 goes out during the ATM withdrawal transaction and then $3 comes back as part of the refund/rebate – effectively coming up with a net gain of nothing as hoped… Thx!

You could also enter the $3 as a credit to the same envelope you took it from; on the iOS app there’s a toggle at the bottom of the transaction screen that lets you switch between credit and debit.

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Noted… Thanks Tiffany! I’ll check that out…