How to do next month?

My month is not the 1st to the end. Currently, I have ended the month of December and now want to do January. How do I do that? Thanks

I believe you’ll have to be on the web version, but from the Add/Edit Envelopes tab you’ll be given the option to not only adjust your budgeted amounts, but also set the day on which your budget starts. If you’re budgeting weekly or every two weeks, you’ll probably want to change your budgeting period to reflect that too.
To best align things, make sure your Fills match up with your budget periods. Since many things are billed monthly, you may need to either use some “Add” fills or have different fills for each of your income periods in order to have enough in your envelope for those expenses.
Personally, I find it easier to just average everything out and stay with a monthly budget (even though we both get paid every two weeks) but Goodbudget gives you the flexibility to set it up however you like it.
Hope this helps!

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