How do I start over in 2021?

I’d like to create a new budget for 2021, instead of rolling over the current one and carrying on. This was the first year I used the program so I don’t know what happens when a new calendar year starts. Will I automatically get an option for doing this, or do I have to do it manually? Can I save my 2020 budget and expenses? I can’t find a “start a new budget” option anywhere. Thank you!

Nothing special happens as the new year rolls around. Your budget will continue as is unless you manually change it. The old budget doesn’t get saved when you edit it for the new year, but all your expenses/transactions will remain as they are.

OK, good to know! I liked another program (that wasn’t free!) better bc I could save my budget year by year, but c’est la vie.

What exactly would you like to save? The budget itself will carry over month to month, but if you’re interested in reviewing your data there are a number of reports you could run and download. You can also download transactions to a spreadsheet if you’d like to save your data that way.
Hope that helps!

Thanks! I guess I’d like to start with a “clean slate.” Yes, downloading the reports is a good idea.