Helping a new user

I’m getting my son and daughter-in-law to leave YNAB and get with GB. Is there a way for me to set up a new user account on so I can walk through the set up process and remember all the steps to get going and help them?

Hey @PaulHarrison,

Thanks for spreading the word about GB, and that’s a great question. You can have as many GB Households as you’d like; they’ll just need to be registered to unique email addresses. So as long as you have a second email, you can register a new Household here:

If you need help remembering the set up process, feel free to refer to our Getting Started Video Series:


It appears I’d have to purchase a whole new plan to get a full version with a new email address. I really only wanted to use it as a tool to help set up my daughter-in-law’s GB with her since we are across the country. Am I missing something?

Hi Paul,
Since you imply she’s setting up GB premium on her end, wouldn’t you be able to just set up a meeting online and do a screen share if she can’t figure something out?

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Hi Paul,

Sorry I wasn’t clear earlier! You can have as many Free Households as you’d like. If you want them to be on the paid Plus version, you’ll have to upgrade them to Plus separately. The Free Version is pretty powerful, so you might find that you can use that for teaching purposes. If that doesn’t work, the video tutorial I linked above uses the Plus version.

Hope that helps!