Help with quick fill and semimonthly pay

I just got a new job and I’m changing from biweekly to semimonthly. I already adjusted my budget but I am salary so I use the scheduled Fill envelopes feature to fill my envelopes every 2 weeks on pay day. The problem is now I am getting paid on the 15th and Last day of the month. Oh and if either of these days falls on a weekend it will be paid the Friday prior. What’s the best way to schedule this?

Congratulations on your new job! Since you fill your envelopes with each paycheck, I think the easiest thing to do is schedule two separate recurring Fills—one for the 1st and one for the 15th—rather than trying to adjust for both dates within a single Fill. On those occasions when you get paid a day or two early you can simply choose the “Record Now” option to enter the Fill from your scheduled transactions.
If you have enough of a buffer, you could also add your income to Unallocated and then do a single fill on the first of each month to cover everything.
Hope that helps!