Envelopes in Whack

Somewhere I messed up my envelopes. I have one showing in the negative and the money in the envelopes does not add up to real world cash. How do Infix my envelopes?

Hi Radiochic,
A couple of thoughts:
1–A negative envelope just means you’ve spent more than you put in. Are there any transactions in there that belong in a different envelope?
2–Is the total of the money left in your envelopes plus your Unallocated funds the same as your bank account (taking into account any pending transactions)? If so, everything is fine and you just need to either do envelope transfers or “fill from Unallocated” to settle things.
3–If those don’t match, you’ll need to see whether there are transactions you’ve forgotten to add to GoodBudget or ones you’ve either entered too soon (like a Scheduled Payment that hasn’t happened yet) or duplicated.
I hope that helps!

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