Envelope Not Required

I have a transaction in my checking account that does not require an envelope. It is a one-off expense that I was reimbursed for. How would I add that in my transactions? Thank you!

If you were already reimbursed for money you spent, you could choose to ignore the whole transaction OR you could enter it as both a debit and a credit to the same envelope (which will affect your reports, if you use them). Personally, I choose the former. For example, my bank reimburses ATM fees so I only enter the final amount, not the withdrawal + fee, then a credit for the fee. That’s similar to what you’re describing.
Hope that helps!

Tiffany’s method will work. Personally I like to track everything that goes through my bank. What I do in those situations is record the expense to my Misc envelope and when I get reimbursed I will record a credit to that same envelope. Therefore, every transaction on my bank ledger will match my transactions in GB. Just another way point of view :slightly_smiling_face:

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+1 for a Miscellaneous Envelope! I have one called “Anything Goes” that I shove random ad hoc purchases into in just this scenario. The added benefit of tracking everything is that sometimes later you peek in that Envelope and realise it’s time to make a new category!

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