Edit an envelope fill, can't "set"

I have a scheduled envelope fill for payday. When I go to edit it, the “set” button is greyed out and can’t be selected which means I have to do maths myself to work out how much to add to get the amount I want in the envelope. Is this a bug or am I not doing it right?

As far as I can tell, the “Set” button is merely a convenience when creating a fill, everything is converted to “Add” operations once the fill is performed. I suspect this is due to the cumulative aspect of the ledger, i.e. every action is a credit or debit and the current balance is the sum of all previous actions.

Ok. I think I can work with that. I’ll just have to create a new one and make some SET instead of FILL.

Hmmmm. While it’s true that you can’t use the Set Fill option on posted Fills, you should be able to adjust scheduled ones to use that option. Would you shoot us an email to support@goodbudget.com so we can check out your specific situation?

It’s ok, I can change it in the scheduled fill, just not the posted one.