Docs wiki?

I’m wondering if there is a wiki or complete documentation that lists all the functionality of good budget with intended use cases and limitations.

I’ve found quite a bit of information in the help centre, user guides and forum but I’m not sure if there is any other sources I’ve missed. It is also quite tedious referencing those sources as everything is quite spread out.

Hi there. There’s not a wiki or any “complete” documentation, if for no reason other than that Goodbudget is intended to be relatively freeform, and apart from a certain base of “rules”, you can kind of use it however you like and however best fits your budgeting preferences and style.

For example, while you can track all of your Accounts in Goodbudget and use it to fully represent your real-life finances, there are many people who prefer to only track Expenses, never bothering with Accounts or Filling or anything like that, and that’s totally fine. Goodbudget supports that too, and we’re reluctant to say there’s a “best” way to use it.

I would say you’ve listed all of the resources we have, but I would say they are intended to serve slightly different roles, and that’s why they’re spread out. The Help Videos (like on YouTube) are more intended as walkthroughs, the Help Center guides are more intended as a QnA to answer specific questions, and the forums here are meant for discussion, particularly from others who use Goodbudget. You can also of course always email us at with specific questions.