Check# Field Problem

I’ve been using Goodbudget consistently since January and just came across a problem on the website that’s existed since I’ve started.

When I enter an expense/credit transaction the check# field defaults to 465. I very rarely ever use this field, so now I have a lot of transactions with this check#. I’ve tried to delete this number but it doesn’t allow me to. However, I can enter a different number, but when I delete that number the 465 number reappears.

In the list of transactions where it shows the check# where I’ve intentionally entered it the number shows up. However, on the transactions that have the 465 check#, it doesn’t show up.

Now, when I’m using the Android app, this problem doesn’t exist at all. Even the past transactions that show the check# 465 on the website are blank in the app.

What is going on?

This problem must have just started because I would’ve noticed it before. I’m entering transactions now and this 465 check# sticks out like a sore thumb.

Ok, a little more research. I found out why this 465 number has recently stuck out like a sore thumb, I recently changed my web browser to dark mode.

In light mode the 465 is grayed out

So I guess the original question still stands, why is the default check# 465 rather than blank?

Hi wrbird,

What a truly interesting thing you’ve found! First, to answer your question about the “default check#”, it’s not so much that 465 is the default# so much as it’s a filler text to show that the intended input for that field is numbers. It’s meant to be read in the same way as the “0.00” in the Amount field – it’s not that 0.00 is the default Amount, it’s just to mark that field.

Are you saying that on dark mode that if you save a transaction without editing that Check# field that the Check# saves as 465? Or are you saying that it simply seems to visually imply that the number that will be saved is 465?

If it’s the former option, would you let us know what browser you’re using so we can test it out on our side? If it’s the latter option, sorry for the confusion, but that’s good that it’s not actually saving a phantom 465 to all of your transactions. Goodbudget on the Web is not optimised for use in dark mode, so while you’re free to use dark mode if you like, of course, there may be some issues like that check number field coloration being misleading because we haven’t made an effort to make things look clean and nice.

Hope that makes sense!

Thank you Alex for your response! Yes, it’s the latter option, so all is good! At least now I understand what’s going on and I went back to light mode. Again, thanks for your help.

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