Change a transaction to pending

Hi. I am new to Goodbudget. I made a mistake when setting up future reoccurring transactions. I clicked the now+ button to the right of the transaction when creating some. Making them appear as they went through today and not the future date. I went back and corrected by fixing the dates. But now I have some future transactions that show as pending and others that do not. Even though they are on the same future date. Is there anyway to change the status back to pending on these future transactions I messed up? So they all show up the same? Thanks!

Hi Firebird,

You can’t change posted transactions back to pending. So what I recommend doing here is deleting the posted versions and changing the date on the future pending ones so they’re at the date you want them to be.

For instance, if the pending date was January 5 and you tapped +now and one posted for December 31 and the next pending one went to February 5, just delete the December 31 posted transaction and change the February 5 pending one to January 5 again.

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Thank you! I did what you said and that corrected my errors. :smiley:

I’m glad you asked this question. I was just looking at that button today and wondering what would happen if I clicked on it. :grin: It seems to be about what I thought - I’ll stay away from it unless I really need it sometime.

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