Can I add a previous month?

I started Goodbudget in February 2021, but wish I had started in January! I have filled my envelopes for February and am recording transactions. Is it possible for me to go back and fill envelopes and transactions for January?

You definitely can! The easiest way is probably to import the transactions from your bank and/or credit cards, then in the import function assign them to envelopes. After you’ve done that, you can fill the envelopes with the amount you spent in January (thus resetting everything for February). Just be sure to adjust your account balances to be accurate after all that so it doesn’t look like you spent money you don’t have. (You can either adjust them to today’s current totals at the end, or change them to their balances on 1/1/21 before you start.)
Hope that helps!

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Thank you Tiffany! The only problem, I would like to enter it all manually rather than importing from my bank or credit cards. Is this possible?

You certainly can, but is there a reason you don’t want to import? You wouldn’t be connecting the accounts (Goodbudget doesn’t work that way), just downloading a data file and then uploading it. Goodbudget would never have access to your banking info. But if you prefer to transcribe them all manually, you definitely can!

I just want to do it manually. Can you please tell me how to add money to each envelope for January?

Whenever you do a Fill you have the opportunity to set the date. Just prepare a Fill to cover the January expenses so that February starts off where you expected it to. You probably had a Fill on 2/1/21 for this month; you can either add one on 1/31/21 to cover the new transactions or adjust the February fill up to cover both months. Does that help?