Budget set at 100%, but unallocated is added to?

I set my envelopes to use 100% of my monthly earnings, yet money keeps getting put into “Unallocated” every month…how does this happen when 100% of my income is spoken for in my 10 envelopes?

Without taking a look at your Goodbudget household, I don’t know the exact cause of the issue, but I would start with checking that your account balance is the same amount as your income. If it is greater than your income amount, the extra money will show up in Unallocated.

So, it says “Great Work! Your estimated expenses exactly match your estimated income”…ie; for example, $6,000 income, (total) and $6,000 expenses (total) spread out in the 10 envelopes…so, how does $ keep getting put in Unallocated?

It sounds like you might be referring to the “Income Estimate” tool on the Edit Envelopes page, which doesn’t actually affect your Income in the app… But just to be sure, would you mind shooting us an email to support@goodbudget.com with the email address on your login? That way we’ll be able to peek inside, and hopefully get you an answer quicker than if we try to go over every option here!


Ok, all my 10 envelopes add up to my total income, which does not change…(it is not “estimated”) so again, if it all matches up, where is the Unallocated money coming from? I am just to give up trying to figure it out, because I don’t know how to explain it any better…

Thanks for sharing that. I just took a look at your household, and while I’m not really sure where the $6,000 you were talking about it coming from, I do see why your Unallocated has been increasing.

The reason is that your scheduled Income that Fills your Envelopes adds $3101.00 to your household in total, but the sum of the amounts that are added to your Envelopes is only $2941.30. Because not all the money in the Income is being used to Fill your Envelopes, the remainder is being moved to Unallocated.