Budget Allocation Report

The budget allocation report seems to be straightforward, a report of what I’ve budgeted in the envelopes. However, if there’s a due date assigned to that envelope than the report shows a $0.00 amount for that envelope. That doesn’t make sense to me. Why won’t the report just list what I have budgeted? Maybe I’m overlooking something here. Any help would be much appreciated.

I still don’t understand how these due dates are supposed to work. If there’s a due date on my monthly envelopes, it doesn’t show a tick mark, but the monthly envelopes that don’t have a tick mark do. It’s the exact opposite for my annual envelopes, tick marks for envelopes that have a due date and no tick marks for envelopes that don’t have a due date. Boy, I’m scratching my head🤔

Since we’ve discussed the rules about the tick marks / black lines before, I won’t get into the explanation again here, but for anyone new coming to read this topic, you can read more about how they work, and why, in my post here.

As for the Budget Allocation Report… Putting a Due Date on an Envelope changes the Fill suggestion for that Envelope based on the amount that’s been Filled since the last Due Date, which helps you save the budgeted amount by the Due Date. An unforeseen effect of that change was that the Envelope budgeted amounts on the Budget Allocation Report also change for Envelopes with Due Dates.

It makes sense that, on that Report in particular, the full budgeted amount should show, not the constantly updating Fill suggestion, and this is a change we’re hoping to make at some point in the future. As usual, we’ll update this space when that change is made, but in the meantime, removing the Due Date should get this full amount to show.

Just a quick update: our latest Web update should have resolved this issue, and the Budget Allocation Report should show the simple calculation for budgeted amount, and not change as an Envelope progresses toward/away from its target amount / Due Date.

The smart calculations will continue to appear when actually Filling the Envelopes.