Android App has some incorrect envelope balances


I’ve noticed in passing that on the Android App some envelopes have strange balances, and sometimes the running balance is different to the one in the banner.

So, today I got round to investigating and noticed a pattern. On the Android App when I select an envelope to list it’s transactions it does not show those “part transactions” that were part of a Split Transaction. The web GUI does this correctly. This means the App is giving different results to the web.

I’ve updated the App and it’s the same.

Hope you can help.

Strange. I use the android app and I haven’t seen this behavior. I just went back to a previous split transaction to see if I missed something and then looked at the corresponding envelope transaction and they were all there. Not sure why you’re seeing this☹️

Hi Colin!

Sorry about that! The running balance should match the one in the Envelope overview screen and at the top of your Envelope detail view. If that’s not true for you, can you contact with your household username so that we can take a closer look?