Add extra money to an envelope

I get a small check every couple of weeks and I want to add the amount to my, Allowance envelope (my extra spending money lol)

I have been adding a transaction with a negative amount (i.e. -$100) and then assigning it to my Allowance envelope. Is that ok or, should I be do it a different way.


That works, but you can also add it as Income. From the app, change the transaction type to Income and then allocate it to your Allowance envelope. On the web, do a Fill From New Income transaction to accomplish the same thing.
I’m not sure there’s an advantage to doing it another way, but the Income transaction is designed to do what you’re doing and yours is sort of a workaround that works. :relaxed:
Hope that helps!

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The one small detail I’d add to Tiffany’s reply above is that adding a Credit / negative Expense transaction will decrease the amount of spend that shows in your Reports. So if your Report data is important to you, the Income transaction is probably the better bet!

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